Western Electric 300B



The original 300B vacuum tube, a longtime favorite in high-fidelity is now available.

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The WE 300-B’s sound is balanced, powerful and refined with quality bass from the lowest frequencies through the upper bass. The midrange above is a thing of beauty; dulcet tones, seductive vocals, instruments of all types dimensional and present, all heightening the participatory elements of music.
High frequencies are at once transparent, lovely, sweet, burnished and beautifully seductive. The air and space between performers is extraordinary, performers appear on a quiet and focused soundstage whose width and depth are masterfully rendered. You don’t have to search to find the sweet spot with a WE 300-B amplifier, it’s all around you.


Single 300B $910.00

Matched Pair $1,950

Matched Quad $4,000.00

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CLASSIFICATION – Moderate power, filamentary triodes for class-A service.

APPLICATION – Audio-frequency amplifier in positions where power outputs of approximately ten watts or less are required at relatively low plate voltages.

BASE AND MOUNTING – These vacuum tubes employ medium, four-pin thrust type bases suitable for use in Western Electric 143B or similar sockets. The 300-B tube has the bayonet pin so located that it may also be mounted in a Western Electric 100M, 115B or similar socket. The tubes may be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position. If mounted in a horizontal position, the plane of the filament, should be vertical.

AVERAGE DIRECT INTERELECTRODE CAPACITANCES – Grid to plate 15 μμf. Grid to filament 9 μμf. Plate to filament 4.3 μμf.

FILAMENT RATING – Filament voltage 5.0 volts, AC or DC. Nominal filament current 1.2 amperes. The filaments of these tubes are designed to operate on a voltage basis and should be operated at as near the rated voltage as possible. When alternating current is used for heating the filament, the grid and plate returns should be connected to a center tap on the secondary of the filament transformer.

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE 300-B VACUUM TUBE AVERAGE CHARACTERISTICS – (Ef = 5.0 volts, a.c., Eb = 300 volts and Ec = -61 volts), Plate current 60 milliamperes, Amplification factor 3.85, Plate resistance 700 ohms, Grid to plate transconductance 5500 micromhos.