Standard equipment / features:

  • Aluminum chassis 40mm hand polished
  • Aluminum platter 60 mm, 12kg hand polished
  • Black platter mat
  • Transrotor Magnetic Drive bearing with hydraulic platter support
  • Rega RB 330 Tonearm
  • Record Clamp Aluminum (370 Gram)
  • Konstant Studio Power Supply

Size and weight

44cm W x 38 cm D x 18cm H 25 kg

Upgrade and accessories:

  • Record Cleaning Brush with stand
  • Additional Tonearm Armboard Base 9” or 12” (Rega, Sorane, SME, Reed, etc…)
  • Konstant M1 Reference Power Supply for One Motor
  • Konstant FMD Power Supply for 1 to 3 motors


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