Standard equipment / features:

  • Chassis Solid Aluminum
  • Platter aluminum 9kg
  • Transrotor Magnetic Drive bearing with hydraulic platter support
  • One Motor
  • One Tonearm Base (9” to 12”), Stepless adjustable distance
  • Tonearm Bases can be adjusted in every direction
  • The tone arm height can be adjusted on the fly (VTA on the fly)
  • Record Clamp Aluminum (370 Gram)
  • Konstant Studio Power Supply

Size and weight

 54cm W x 38 cm D x 21cm H 33 kg

Upgrade and accessories:

  • Additional Tonearm Arm Base (up to 3) 9” to 12” (Rega, Sorange, SME, Reed, etc…)
  • Mounting Ring Disc for tonearms without changing the armboard
  • Additional Motor (up to 3) – Konstant M2 motor needed for two motors, Konstant FMD motor needed for three motors
  • Konstant M1 Reference Power Supply for 1 Motor
  • Konstant M2 Reference Power Supply up to 2 Motor
  • Konstant FMD Power Supply (1-3 motor)