Standard equipment / features:

  • Chassis Solid Aluminum
  • Platter aluminum 9kg
  • Transrotor Magnetic Drive bearing with hydraulic platter support
  • One Motor
  • One Tonearm Base (9” to 12”), Stepless adjustable distance
  • Tonearm Bases can be adjusted in every direction
  • The tone arm height can be adjusted on the fly (VTA on the fly)
  • Record Clamp Aluminum (370 Gram)
  • Konstant Studio Power Supply

Size and weight

 54cm W x 38 cm D x 21cm H 33 kg

Upgrade and accessories:

  • Additional Tonearm Arm Base (up to 3) 9” to 12” (Rega, Sorange, SME, Reed, etc…)
  • Mounting Ring Disc for tonearms without changing the armboard
  • Additional Motor (up to 3) – Konstant M2 motor needed for two motors, Konstant FMD motor needed for three motors
  • Konstant M1 Reference Power Supply for 1 Motor
  • Konstant M2 Reference Power Supply up to 2 Motor
  • Konstant FMD Power Supply (1-3 motor)


Transrotor Alto TMD Review by High Fidelity, May 2019

“JOCHEN RAEKE: The Alto model can be called the newest incarnation of the Fat Bob turntable. We wanted to prepare a turntable that would have the best tonearm base we have built so far and that should be easy to set up with any tonearm available on the market.

The idea for the VTA change mechanism came from the experience of constant journeys and repeated calibrations of turntable arms from almost all manufacturers. The most complicated thing we deal with in turntables is the correct arm height adjustment, which especially affects unipivot arms . With Alto, we do it in seconds. ” read full review.

Transrotor Alto TMD Review by Stereo Magazine, Issue 20

“A first-class turntable in terms of effort and technical demands, whereby the standard TMD bearing as well as the perfectly reliable height adjustment for the arm base stand out especially. This way top tone arms and scanners can always unfold their full sound potential because they can be adjusted in the twinkling of an eye to different thicknesses of vinyl, for example. Even in the basic version, the Alto is a top turntable. With the optional three-motor drive and large power supply unit, it‘s right at the front in terms of sound!”….read full review.