Design Principle: Sandwich construction made of aluminium and stainless-steel inside with plastodem sound insulation Feet with special dampers F max 400 N
Speed Range: Convenient speed switching at the touch of a button 33.3, 45 rpm
fine adjustment + or – possible at any time at the touch of a button
Camp: Ground stainless steel axis cast liner and casted storage bottom floor steamed again with Teflon disks and decoupled. Special resonance-optimized material with polished ceramic ball.
Drive: Berger Lahr Synchronous Motor with Belt Drive Belt made of Nylon Silicone Mixture Microprocessor Controlled Electronics.
Turntable: Made of solid aluminum 8 kg platter thickness 40 mm. CNC Precision turned and hand polished
Tonearm: WTB-213 with high quality pickup system.
Synchronization: 0.08% (measured with Ortofon measuring computer)
Electrical/Power Supply: 240-volt 47-63 heart 0.4 amp. Output 32 volts 0.46 amp maximum.
Switching power supply with IEC plug cable
Dimensions: 50cm x 39cm x 18cm
Weight: 20 kg without tonearm


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